Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Tree of Life--from a new perspective

I was commissioned earlier this year to do a drawing of the Tree of Life. (by earlier I mean at the beginning of the year--I know, this took me way too long)
Anyhow, I finally finished it after countless hours of drawing and lots of agonizing. I've not ever done a landscape drawing before and it was a huge challenge for me.
It turned out exactly how I wanted it to and I'm quite pleased.

Then, Rob did something amazing and found me someone who would do a really high quality scan of it. The scan is amazing and I can even blow up the drawing from the original size of 9.25 x 12 inches to twice that big--maybe more! Then we found a place nearby that will make prints that look amazing--they look like a pencil drawing! It was a truly exciting moment to see my own artwork printed out like that. I felt like a real artist--silly, I know.

Therefore; prints are available! Contact me for pricing. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Upcycled DVD case = kid's pizza activity

I've been trying to come up with something I can use our old DVD cases for--we have so many of them!
So, I was thinking that my little boy's activity bags would be much more organized if they were inside of cases...
Then I looked for activity bag kits that would fit and my favorite is the pizza. It works perfectly with the DVD case

Here's the how-to.

1.  Cut the center out of the DVD holder. You don't want that part sticking up in the middle.
2.  Put your dough colored felt over the circle and craw a line around the outside. You'll want the dough to go over the lip so the crust sticks up a little. (I've been thinking this would make a cute pie activity too with the crust that sticks up) Then cut it out.

                              (excuse the paint covered hands...we're repainting some rooms)
 3. Glue it on.  Elmer's white glue didn't work at all. Rubber cement worked okay, but it helped a lot if I scratched the surface up with my razor knife first.
4.  Then start cutting out sauce, cheese and toppings.
 I ended up doing 10 different toppings, all different numbers as an added counting bonus :)

they are...
1 sauce; 2 cheeses; 3 green peppers; 4 anchovies; 5 onion slices; 6 pineapple bits; 7 olive slices; 8 mushrooms; 9 sausages; 10 pepperonis

5.  In the side opposite the crust, we are putting the menu--at our house it says: Campbell Pizza Parlor on the cover. Then inside the kids are making up different types of pizzas to go on the menu, like each kids' favorite, the most gross, everything pizza, cowboy pizza, etc.

I didn't realize how much my girls were going to get into this (they're 8 and 11) but they love it even more than my little guy (4). Now I'll have to make a few more and a couple fruit pie ones, too :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

steampunk owl

 This was a church doodle that I did on lined paper in ink. I spent a couple hours trying to remove all the lines--the shortcuts didn't do what they were supposed to. Then I spent a couple more hours coloring it. I love it :) I guess I love all things steampunk anyway, but this one was fun. I didn't agonize over it like I did with the fish, just did it quick and got it done.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Steampunk Fish colored!

Finally finished coloring it! The background gave me fits, I just couldn't get it right and tried several things. I'm quite happy with it overall.

If you'd like a print, let me know. 8x10's are $10.00

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pierrot / Harlequin clown

 So, when I began the sketch, it was with the black-and-white Pierrot clown in mind. I did my own style of ruffles and clothing--everything from my head (it probably would have been better with a reference photo, but oh well) Once I began coloring her, she turned into a colorful Harlequin clown. I'd seen a photo of a clown kissing a ballerina and the colors wouldn't leave my head. Be that as it is, I absolutely love the way the colors turned out! The background color was a happy accident and I learned a bunch more about Photoshop along the way. Thank goodness for that since I'm basically teaching myself how to use it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

girl with a lily in her hair

This is a church doodle (something I drew at church). It's on the back of one of my kids' notebooks. Hopefully it doesn't get ruined sitting there...

Monday, March 26, 2012

swirly watercolor

I'm not good at watercolor--it confuses me and drives me crazy. So, last February I decided to just do a design with my new watercolor set and not try to do anything specific and I absolutely loved the way it turned out.
February, '11

Bearry Patches

This started out as a pencil drawing in a sketchbook. I wanted to have the patches look like fabric, but didn't want to spend my life drawing knit cables onto the bear--so I experimented with something new. I put actual fabric swatches into each section. I love how it turned out. It would be cute on a baby's wall, I think
February '12

Steampunk fish

I'm completely in love with this one. I started drawing it on lined paper and liked it so much that I started over in a nice sketchbook. I'm still in the process of coloring it with photoshop, so hopefully I'll finish it soon.
I love steampunk stuff and have been enlightening all of my friends on the subject. Fun stuff!
February '12

Cookie ABC's

I had an idea in church and actually turned it into something--yay, me. I'm sure you can see what it spells. I was trying to not be too obvious about it, what do you think?
I drew it in pencil, then pen on colored paper, then put the color in with photoshop.
I think this would be fun to put up on the wall during Christmas time.
December '11

baby and his lovey

I'll put this one up even though the scan isn't so great. This was a picture from a magazine that I fell in love with and then drew myself. I don't know the copyright stuff with that kind of drawing, but it was in Parent's magazine a long time ago. Still, adorable baby, right?
December '11

Merry and Brite

 I was in a Christmas mood last year and ended up drawing something I liked. I couldn't stop with this one and drew all day--my poor family.  Then, just for fun, I colored it in. Nothing fancy--just a plain color in each area. Still fun, though.
done in december of '11

mosaic turtle

I drew this during conference in October '11. I know, new stuff, right? Wow. Anyhow, I loved it and decided to color it in colored pencils...

I still love it! I was intending to do a shadow below him, but haven't gotten around to it. Still makes me happy, though.

little angel

Just a sweet little angel. Pencil drawing from '08, I believe. I like it a lot but haven't done anything with her. Maybe I'll redo this one sometime.


Another sketch done with pen. My friend's son asked me if I drew any dragons and I hadn't yet, so I got busy and drew one. Done in '07.
I colored it this year in photoshop. It was a simple, easy process and I love the result! The lineart is below.

yarn fairies

When I learned to crochet, I was hooked early on. I learned how to make angels out of granny squares and soon turned them into fairies for my little girls. I did the hair freehand--no pattern. I believe these were done sometime in '07

Berry Fairy

I'm really happy with how this one turned out. I drew it in pencil, then colored it in photoshop way back in '07. This was the first time that coloring in photoshop worked out the way I wanted it to. She's a sly little fairy.

dragon lizard

again an old drawing. This was done in colored pencils. I like how the lizard turned out, but I'm not too fond of the background. (I'm not good at backgrounds anyway.)

The Jumping Fairies

I drew this a long time ago--just not sure when. I was waiting in the car for my husband to finish shopping and got bored. I was quite happy with how it turned out, especially since it was done with a pen--no eraser can be a bad thing sometimes!


I drew this in '07. It was an image I drew so I could work on coloring in photoshop and in Correll Painter. I sucked royally at painter and can't even open it since I don't have the program anymore. But I did try it in photoshop--the result is below.
I don't love it. The dress and sky are ok, but her skin is way too purplish for me. I'll fix it sometime, I guess. Until then, I still have the line-art so I can revisit it again later. Line-art is below.

Portrait of a Sprite

OK, so I pulled sprite out of the air. This was just an experiment in a different type of shading. I kindof suck at hair so I was trying to do something interesting there as well. Also done in '07

Horned lady

I drew this back on '07 as well--It was a good drawing year for me (before baby #3). I really like the expression on her face--bored and annoyed :)
I started doing more in photoshop this year and finally got around to coloring her. I like it ok, but may still add more changes sometime.



This drawing was one I drew back in '07. I imagined her being an elemental being--one that can control the element of water.

Jessica's Fairy

When my daughter Jessica was little, I had a picture of her that I altered to make this drawing. I made her eyes bigger, stylized her hair and added wings and a mushroom. I still love this drawing--it's one of my few framed ones, actually. She was a lovely little thing and still is!
I believe I drew this back in '03 or '04

Shy Fairy

I drew this back in 2007. I was rather pleased with it then and still like it now--I need to put this on a wall instead of leaving it buried in a sketchbook. I just have no idea how to frame stuff properly...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blue ladies

 These are drawings I did back in college. I believe '99. They are my favorite 2 of a series of 4 that I did for a final project. My brother had them hanging in his apartment until he got married. If you're interested, you can purchase either or both of these--they are charcoal and pencil on blue paper. They're pretty big--maybe 18x24? The drawings are from ads in a bridal magazine. Frames not included.