Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Tree of Life--from a new perspective

I was commissioned earlier this year to do a drawing of the Tree of Life. (by earlier I mean at the beginning of the year--I know, this took me way too long)
Anyhow, I finally finished it after countless hours of drawing and lots of agonizing. I've not ever done a landscape drawing before and it was a huge challenge for me.
It turned out exactly how I wanted it to and I'm quite pleased.

Then, Rob did something amazing and found me someone who would do a really high quality scan of it. The scan is amazing and I can even blow up the drawing from the original size of 9.25 x 12 inches to twice that big--maybe more! Then we found a place nearby that will make prints that look amazing--they look like a pencil drawing! It was a truly exciting moment to see my own artwork printed out like that. I felt like a real artist--silly, I know.

Therefore; prints are available! Contact me for pricing.