Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Upcycled DVD case = kid's pizza activity

I've been trying to come up with something I can use our old DVD cases for--we have so many of them!
So, I was thinking that my little boy's activity bags would be much more organized if they were inside of cases...
Then I looked for activity bag kits that would fit and my favorite is the pizza. It works perfectly with the DVD case

Here's the how-to.

1.  Cut the center out of the DVD holder. You don't want that part sticking up in the middle.
2.  Put your dough colored felt over the circle and craw a line around the outside. You'll want the dough to go over the lip so the crust sticks up a little. (I've been thinking this would make a cute pie activity too with the crust that sticks up) Then cut it out.

                              (excuse the paint covered hands...we're repainting some rooms)
 3. Glue it on.  Elmer's white glue didn't work at all. Rubber cement worked okay, but it helped a lot if I scratched the surface up with my razor knife first.
4.  Then start cutting out sauce, cheese and toppings.
 I ended up doing 10 different toppings, all different numbers as an added counting bonus :)

they are...
1 sauce; 2 cheeses; 3 green peppers; 4 anchovies; 5 onion slices; 6 pineapple bits; 7 olive slices; 8 mushrooms; 9 sausages; 10 pepperonis

5.  In the side opposite the crust, we are putting the menu--at our house it says: Campbell Pizza Parlor on the cover. Then inside the kids are making up different types of pizzas to go on the menu, like each kids' favorite, the most gross, everything pizza, cowboy pizza, etc.

I didn't realize how much my girls were going to get into this (they're 8 and 11) but they love it even more than my little guy (4). Now I'll have to make a few more and a couple fruit pie ones, too :)

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